Android Audio Increasing and Decreasing


I have a Galaxy SIII phone right now and I’ve noticed that, whatever headphones that I use (wired or Bluetooth) the volume will suddenly either decrease or increase without me touching the volume controls. I used to think that the volume rocker was getting nudged when it was either in my phone holder or in my sportsband but I’ve had it happen just sitting on the desk in front of me.

I use Google Music when I listen to music on my phone and, for a while, I would get a pop up notification when I plugged my headphones in or started to play some music that ‘Listening to music loudly can result in hearing loss.’ Or something to that effect. I would just dismiss it but I noticed that the volume would automatically decrease. Like it was saving me from myself. I grew up in the 80s with hard rock and hair bands and like my music loud. So this kinda ticked me off. I would immediately kick the volume back up. But every now and then it would decrease or increase. When I was listening with my Bluetooth headphones I just thought it was a signal strength thing. But then it did it with my wired headphones.

So I started investigating.

I finally found out that it was the Google Music equalizer controls that were mucking with the volume. I disabled them and haven’t had a problem. But that upsets me that I can’t have the equalizer on and set it so that I get the most out of my music. Now I have to listen to it without the bass I like.

I hope this helps someone. I searched the net for a while and read quite a few forums till I came across this. Here’s a link to the thread that solved it for me.

Good luck and keep on rockin’!

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