DirecTV Controller Android App

DirecTV Remote Amazon Android App

If you’ve got an Android phone and DirecTV you might be interested in this app. You can find it for free in the Amazon Android App Store. It’s the free DirecTV Remote App and I love it! The remote is constantly getting lost in our house and it’s so nice to be able to just whip out my phone and use it until the remote turns up. The only thing that it can’t do is turn the volume up on my TV. Which is fine. You have all the controls that you normally would with the remote. There is a slight lag but, honestly, sometimes there is with the real remote. So no biggie there. This is a great idea and exactly the type of usable app that I look for. Check it out!

Here are the requirements:
Control your DirecTV receiver with your phone! DirecTV Remote for Android helps make sure you have your remote handy all the time. It’s free, with no ads–no kidding!

With all-original button graphics inspired by the DirecTV backlit remote and three remote styles to choose from, your remote’s look and feel will always match your needs and tastes. Create a favorites list, see what channel the receiver is tuned to and what’s on it, reboot your receiver, and, for the first time in any Android DirecTV remote app, use the Slow Motion command! If you need help, basic support is built into the app, with links to an actual support site, so you’ll never be high and dry. If you’re a fan of DirecTV, give the free DirecTV Remote a try.


1) DirecTV HD receivers and/or HD DVRs connected to your home network and set up for Whole Home service / External Device access. Supported models are H21, H22, H23 and H24 HD receivers and HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 and HR24 HD DVRs. R22s may work as well.

2) Your Android phone or tablet must be connected to your home network via WiFi, and that WiFi must also be on the same network as your DirecTV receivers.

There is a pro version that costs $2.98 if you’re interested and allows you to do more things like:

  • Control your DirecTV receiver through your phone
  • Use a variety of remote functions, including Slow Motion
  • Customize your remote’s look and feel
  • Create macros to use any time
  • Search for programs through the app

3 thoughts on “DirecTV Controller Android App

  • Appreciated the share!

  • I didn’t know about that app, thanks for letting us know! That sounds kind of handy to have, especially when battling for control of the TV with my girlfriend. We don’t lose remotes, we just fight over them. I am kind of surprised that they would charge for it at all when Directv customers already pay so much for service. It is a nifty app but my TV provider/employer DISH Network goes one better. I have the DISH Remote Access app. It lets me watch and control my DVR content while I am away from home. I get a ton of use out of that but I get even more use from the Live TV streaming option it also offers. I get all of my 250 channels right on my phone and it’s Free!

    • That’s awesome, Adam! I wish DirecTv had an app like that! This app is actually from a third party. It’s not put out by DirecTv. I’d love to be able to stream my shows on my phone. Glad you liked the post. 🙂

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