Movie Review: Push


PLOT: On the run from the Division, a shadowy government agency that uses people with psychic abilities to do their bidding, telekinetic Nick Gant (Chris Evans) and clairvoyant Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) join forces to find a third psychic who can help them destroy the organization. But when the Division picks up their trail, it sends a powerful agent (Djimon Hounsou) to stop them at all costs in this atmospheric thriller.

REVIEW: I watched Push on DVD recently and came away with the feeling that I had just watched an episode of Heroes. Don’t get me wrong. I love the TV show Heroes. But this movie didn’t seem to break much new ground. Had this movie come out before Heroes I probably would have liked it more than I did. And I did like it. Chis Evans turned in a good performance but the script called for him to not be too experienced with using his power of┬átelekinesis. That being the case, I don’t see how he could go toe-to-toe with another telekinetic that was very experienced with using his power.

I would have liked to see the Chinese family connection played out a little more and found out what their connection was to Division.

This movie could also be called Jumpers 2 because the plot was very similar.

All in all, this movie was good popcorn fun and if you’re looking for something along the lines of Heroes or Jumper you probably won’t be disappointed.



Rating: 6/10



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