Movie Review: Quantum of Solace


I gotta say that I like the new direction of the Bond films. I really liked Pierce Brosnan as 007. I thought he had the charm down. But the films started getting a little too campy. Now Daniel Craig’s Bond relies on his fists as much as the old Bonds relied on their gadgets from Q. I’m not sure I can compare the new Bond series to the old ones and be fair. The plot in Quantum is a continuation from the previous movie Casino Royale. Which, I think is also a change from the old 007 series. Bond is still searching for who killed his love. The thing about these two movies, though, is that Bond always seems to find himself ‘on the outs’ with British Secret Service (or MI6). So he’s fighting on two fronts to get to his objective. There’s also no tongue-in-cheek humor as there was in the old 007 movies. No one-liners. No “Bond. James Bond” or “Shaken. Not Stirred.”. You kind of miss those old standbys. I don’t know about anyone else but when I watch a 007 movie I wait (almost unconsciously) to hear those catchphrases. And when you don’t you almost feel let down. Daniel Craigs’ Bond is ruthless and relentless in achieving his objective. A friend of mine said that they heard other people saying they didn’t know what the plot was for the movie. I was able to pick up on it and figure it out. There were a few plotlines mixed together, however and that may have been confusing.

Something I noticed also was that Craig’s eyes were extremely blue. Almost distractingly in some cases. I don’t know if they were digitally enhanced or what but it was sure noticable.

Anyway, the movie moved along pretty fast and had pretty good pacing. I missed the gadgets and the catchphrases. Action scenes were very good and had you paying attention to what was going on.



Rating: 7/10


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