Movie Review: The X-Files – I Want To Believe


X-Files: I Want To Believe

I just finished watching the latest X-Files movie and I feel ripped off. I wasn’t a faithful watcher of the series but I knew enough about the show to get it. Aliens, paranormal activity, secret government conspiracies all were part of the shows plotlines. The first movie had most of these and, I thought, was pretty good. This had none. irst of all, this could have been a two-part episode in the series and it still wouldn’t have been one of the better plotlines. I don’t know what the writers were going for but this had none of the X-Files feel that I’m used to. It seemed Scully was having moral issues with her religious employers over giving a young boy a controversial new stem cell treatment that may save his life. Mulder is a recluse pulled out by this new case that ‘seems’ to be psychic in nature.

Nothing about this seemed like an X-Files movie. I don’t know what else I can say about it other than I didn’t like it and don’t recommend it.


Rating 4 out of 10

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