Whitesnake Concert – St Charles MO 2009


On July 1 Whitesnake came to the St Charles Family Arena. And they rocked!! They came as the opening act for Judas Priest. I’ve never really been a ‘Priest’ fan. Their heavy metal version of music didn’t really appeal to me. I’ve been a loooong time Whitesnake fan. Ever since I heard ‘Still of The Night’ and ‘Here I go Again’ back in 1987. After that I was hooked by their lyrics, hard rock style and lead singer David Coverdale’s presence. I’ve seen them twice in concert before. Once in St Louis in 1990 and again in Chicago in 2003. I’ve got to say, David Coverdale still puts on one heck of a show. He hit all the high notes and demonstrated that he can still go from a “Whisper to a scream”. Most of the crowd there that night were there to see Judas Priest but you could tell that they were digging WS.

They opened with Bad Boys and transitioned into Children of the Night as they always seem to do when they do those songs live. Other songs they did that night were: Fool For Your Lovin’, Slow an’ Easy, Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love Tonight, Cryin’ In The Rain, a new one off of the Good To Be Bad CD: Lay Down Your Love, Here I Go Again and they closed with Still of The Night. Coverdale, always one for audience participation (The Whitesnake Choir as he likes to call it) got the crowd to sing through several of the songs. Coverdale moved around the stage working the crowd and showing none of his age.


Along with DC for this tour were:


Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich both had great co-guitar solos and Chris Frazier jammed a solo on the Drums. I’ve really liked Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich’s playing lately.

After Whitesnake finished their set and said their farewells Judas Priest came on. I could only listen and watch for three songs and I had to leave. Rob Halford just didn’t have the stage presence as David Coverdale and I just couldn’t get into the songs. Halford was slow and boring in the songs I saw him singing. I hate to dis on the guy but it just didn’t compare to Coverdale’s energy.

I’ve found some videos from the concert and added them below! Some are short snippets and some are from other concerts. Unfortunately, the first video for Here I Go Again has had embedding disabled by request of the creator. 🙁  Enjoy!!

Lay Down Your Love video

Still Of The Night



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